If your doctor or specialist has just told you that you have an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) and that you need treatment for it, you might like to start here.

If you are aged over 50, there are some special things you need to know

Your doctor may give you a lower dose

If you’re over 50 your doctor may give you a lower dose of Eltroxin than a younger person might take, especially if you have diabetes or have heart problems.

They may also ask you take a different dose on alternative days.

It is very important not to forget to take your Eltroxin. If you need help remembering which pill to take and when, a pill-minder or Medico Pak from your local pharmacist may help.

Keep an eye on your TSH!

It might seem like you are feeling more tired or have mood changes just because you are getting older. However it could be that your Eltroxin dosage needs adjustment. If you are concerned at all, ask your doctor for a blood test to check your TSH.

Tell your doctor if you are taking any new medicines

Some medications can change the effect of thyroid hormones therefore it is important your doctor knows all the medicines you are taking.

They may adjust your dose of Eltroxin or request extra blood tests.

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